Gearing up for Summer Fishing

I try to give as much fishing advice but this time I’d like to change it up a little. I had a customer drop by the shop the other day and ask whether we could order him some of the sunglasses we had on the shelf but with his logo on the side. That’s not what we do but it got me thinking. We have done a lot of our own self promotions over the last two or three years. You’ve probably seen our bumper stickers (you can pick one up in the shop) or the company t-shirts and pens. We have received a lot of positive feedback and will continue to bring these items in as needed. If you drive around the Cape you will see our name on a lot of fisherman type cars and trucks.

The striped bass are here and that means it is time to get fishing. The herring are running strong up the rivers with the big bass soon to arrive on their heels. That also means taking the proper precautions which is why I got to thinking about the request for glasses. How many times have you left the house to run down to the beach or the boat only to discover your sunglasses were on the counter at home? We should have in the shop over the next couple of weeks a couple summer promotional items – sunglasses with our logo on them. They look nice and are designed to provide basic UV400 protection and by their nature help shield the eyes if a hook gets loose while you’re releasing a fish. We are also going to bring in some sunscreen with our logo on them and maybe have them around the shop or mail out with customer orders. Both will be available before the boating season is in full swing this June. In searching for a place to buy our promotional products we settled on PromoManagers and have been very happy. Even though they’re local to us the fact that they do free shipping has really kept our costs down.

We have been busy adding new fishing items to our own site. Be sure to check out the Super Striker line and if you’re in the shop our own branded plugs that look exactly like some of the more expensive plugs on the market. As the season gets into full swing our hours are extended. If you haven’t been into the shop in a while you’ll notice a bunch of changes. We’re working hard to provide more products and a better flow in the store. Be sure to stop by on your way to the Sandwich boat ramp or on your way to hit the Cape Cod Canal for what is sure to be a great month of fishing ahead with all the herring around this month. Tight lines!


About Canal Bait and Tackle

I’m the Owner and Creator of Canal Bait and Tackle Online. Also I’m an avid fisherman that loves to talk about fish stories and hearing stories as well. This blog is about giving advice and Insight on fishing the Cape Cod Canal.
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