Pyramid Sinker vs. Bank Sinker?

Pyramid Sinker vs. Bank Sinker?

The 2 most popular sinkers to use for onshore fishing are the bank sinker or the pyramid sinker. A lot of people ask “What is the best sinker or weight to use for onshore fishing?” The answer is both.

The Bank Sinker is special because the tear drop shape makes it perfect for long distance casting and great for not being caught on a rocky bottom. But the down side to using the Bank Sinker is that it usually doesn’t sit in place in a strong current. These sinkers have a tendency to roll on the bottom.

The Pyramid Sinker is mostly used for weighting a rig for a sandy bottom. This weight cast just as good as a Bank Sinker, but if the area you are fishing has a rocky bottom, you will lose your weight and rig every time. The sharp points to the Pyramid Sinker will easily grab on to a rock and not let go. But, when used for beach fishing this sinker stick and embeds perfectly into the sand.

These two weights are used for different applications for fishing. That is the reason why the Bank and Pyramid sinkers are the most popular.


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